First meeting in this years’ winter term!

  • Are you new to Uni?
  • Heard from us at the TU Welcome days?
  • Interested in hacking and information security?

If so, this is the perfect training to get to know LosFuzzys!

  • When? Wednesday (03. October), 18:15
  • Where? @IAIK, Inffeldgasse 16a, IFEG064 (FuzzyLab, ground floor)
  • Who? you!

What will we do:

  • Very short introduction of our team.
    • Who are we, what do we do?
    • What is a CTF anyway?
  • Present some simple challenges for you.
    • If you already know this kind of stuff and are more advanced, we also have harder challenges ;)
  • Open session in the end for questions and general talk

PS: If you have any question(s), don’t hesitate to ask, just drop a mail at: we -at-