Holiday time … ?

Please notice:

  • This week, we will meet in realraum, Graz’ Hackspace.
  • Also, we will meet a bit earlier, but feel free to show up later if you want.


Since everyone is already in holiday mode, we are planning to have a more relaxed session.

One idea is to recap the year and maybe look at the best challenges we solved (or did not solve). Probably someone(tm) is going to discuss the last weekend, too …

Another idea is to look at the Metasploitable3 CTF, in case someone is motivated to build the Metasploitable3 image before Wednesday …

And there will be Glühwein, Beer, Mate, Makava, Tschunk, … and maybe cookies, if you bring some! (Also I heard rumors about cooking sausages or one more pizza challenge …)

So the main point of this meeting is socializing and celebrating a fun & intense year.

  1. Organizational Matters
    a. 1 more CTF this Session
  2. Christmas training, your ideas
  3. Beer, Glühwein, Cookies, and bytes

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.