Now for something (not so completely) different …

  • When? Wednesday (7. December), 18:15 - 20:00 (c.t.)
  • Where? @IAIK, Inffeldgasse 16a, IFEG074 (meeting room, ground floor)
  • Who? you! (please let us know if you plan to come.)

As announced some time ago, in between our exploitation and reversing series, we now and then train for other categories as well. Hence, we will start with some easy challenges from HackyEaster,, hackvent, and then continue with more difficultones.

Then as last time, if enough time is left, we would like to look at one of YOUR hacklet(s). Have you found/seen/created an interesting challenge in the last time? Great! Bring it to the training and let us h4xx0r it together!


  1. Organizational Matters
    a. We won the IAIK special award! \o/ b. Just 3 More CTF Sessions c. Internal CTF next semester?
  2. Forensics with chille (:
  3. (BYOC: Bring Your Own Challenge)

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.