RuCTFe Lessons Learned + Pwning Training

  • When? Wednesday (16. Noember), 18:15 - 20:00 (c.t.)
  • Where? @IAIK, Inffeldgasse 16a, IFEG074 (meeting room, ground floor)
  • Who? you! (please let us know if you plan to come.)

What comes after a huge Attack-Defense CTF? Yes, lessons learned & digging deeper. ;)

In the last jeopardy-style CTFs we have solved quite some crypto, forensics, and web challenges, but experienced that we need to pwn & reverse more!

On the one hand that is because these categories are in general not so easy in the beginning, and on the other hand not so many Fuzzys are active in this area during CTFs. Therefore we will start now a pwning & reversing series to reduce the hurdle of starting in these categories. ;) (But don’t worry, also the other categories will be handled sometimes in between.)

Thus, after talking about RuCTFe, we will h4xx0r some beginner-friendly exploitation (often also so-called pwning) challenges provided by creed et al. :)


  1. Organizational Matters
    a. Christmas Celebration
  2. Lessons Learned RuCTFe 2016
    a. Short recap: how was it for each Fuzzy?
    b. What went well?
    c. What did go wrong & where do we see room for improvements?
  3. Pwning with creed et al.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.