LosFuzzys is a team of people interested in information security, which participates in CTFs. (What is CTF?)

Our motivation is our interest in information security, and technology in general. We love challenges and CTFs provide a great way of practising information-security-related skills and also teamwork in diverse teams. CTFs are collaborative and competitive at the same time and most importantly, they are fun.

LosFuzzys welcomes people with different skill levels; a curious beginner is as much welcome as an experienced person. We also embrace different skill sets and diverse backgrounds.

  • We believe in information sharing and open knowledge, in a responsible way.
  • We believe in privacy and respect the privacy of others.
  • We as a team do neither take part in nor endorse unlawful activities.
  • We think learning about attacks is essential to learning defensive skills.
  • We do not attack people outside of educational settings or competitions.
  • We do not use the skills we learn during our training and competitions to do any harm.

tl;dr; don’t be eve.

And (don’t) feed the bugs (except delicious stacktraces)!